Is it possible for Beeye to automatically plan holidays according to our region?

Holiday Management

Yes, Beeye includes a feature that allows for the automatic planning of  holidays according to your region, which simplifies the management of your teams' availability. This feature ensures that non-working days are accounted for in the planning, thus avoiding scheduling on days when resources are not available.

  • Creation and Configuration of Calendars: You can create holiday calendars by specifying regional or custom holidays. This step is achievable in the Team Settings.
  • Importing and Customizing Holidays: Import specific holidays for your region and add custom holidays to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Assignment of Calendars to Resources: Assign holiday calendars to resources so that their availability is automatically updated based on the holidays.
  • Flexible Management: The platform offers options to duplicate, modify, or delete holiday calendars, allowing for adaptive management as your needs evolve.
This approach ensures consistent and automated holiday management, contributing to the optimization of resource planning. For detailed instructions on setting up and using this feature, we invite you to consult the specific article in our help center.