What happens when a user is archived in Beeye? Are their data preserved?

User Archiving

When a user is archived in Beeye, several actions are automatically implemented to manage their account and associated data:

  1. Account Access: The archived user can no longer log in to Beeye. Their access to the platform is disabled, preventing any future interaction with the tool.
  2. License Release: The license used by the archived user becomes available. This means you can reassign this license to a new team member without additional costs, thereby optimizing the company's resource management.
  3. Future Schedule Removal: Any future schedule associated with the archived user is deleted. This action aims to prevent conflicts or inconsistencies in the management of tasks and planned resources.
  4. Preservation of Logged Times: Information about the times already entered by the archived user is preserved. This ensures that the history of work performed remains intact and accessible for analysis, reporting, and project performance evaluation.
Archiving Procedure: To archive a user, go to the Resources page, select the person or people of your choice by clicking on the checkbox next to their name, and use the Archive button on the actions bar. This operation simplifies team member management and allows for efficient administration of user accounts.