Is it possible to customize task statuses in Beeye to fit our workflow?

Customization of Task Statuses

Yes, Beeye offers the flexibility to customize task statuses to better fit the specific workflow of your organization.

Here's how to do it:

Access to Settings
: To start, you must have access to the Company Settings. Make sure you have the necessary rights to make these changes.

: Go to the settings section by clicking on the settings icon (gear icon) in the main navigation bar. Then select the Tasks tab.

Customizing Statuses
: In the Tasks tab, you will find the option to customize the statuses of tasks. You can add new statuses to reflect the different stages of your work process, rename existing statuses, or remove those that are not relevant to your organization.

Adapting to Workflow: This feature allows you to adapt Beeye's task management system to the unique structure and requirements of your team. By defining statuses that precisely match your workflow, you facilitate communication within the team, understanding of work stages, and tracking of project progress.

Application and Use
: Once the customized statuses are set up, they will be available to be assigned to tasks across Beeye. This allows all team members to follow the current status of each task, quickly identify priorities and delays, and ensure effective project management.

This customization capability highlights Beeye's flexibility and adaptability as a project and task management solution, allowing organizations to configure the platform according to their specific needs and optimize their operational processes.