Is it possible to change the recurrence of a task from a template after its creation in Beeye?

Task Recurrence Modification

In Beeye, it is currently possible to manage the recurrence of tasks from templates, but with certain limitations. If you need to modify the recurrence of a task after its creation, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Deletion of the Current Task: Go to the project page and delete the task whose recurrence you want to change. This step is necessary because the current recurrence cannot be modified directly.
  2. Re-importation with the Correct Scenario: Make sure that the template used for creating the task has the desired recurrence scenario. Then, re-import the task into the project, ensuring that the conditions triggering the new recurrence are correctly configured in the template.
Current Limitations:
  • Manual Creation of Recurrence: Currently, Beeye does not allow for the manual configuration of task recurrences directly in the project form without going through a template.
  • Future Flexibility: A redesign of the Dates section in Beeye is planned to offer more flexibility in managing recurring tasks. This update will allow for more direct and intuitive configuration of recurrences.