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In case of handling error, how can Beeye's environment be restored to a previous date?

Environment Restoration

In the event of a handling error, Beeye offers the possibility of restoring your entire environment to a previous date, within the last 30 days. Here's how it works:

  1. Restoration Request: To initiate a restoration, you must contact our technical support specifying the date to which you wish to restore your environment.
  2. Evaluation and Confirmation: Our team will assess your request to ensure that restoration is possible and will inform you of the implications of this action, especially regarding the data that will be affected.
  3. Billable Intervention: Restoring an environment is a specific intervention that requires the assistance of our developers. This service is billable and typically requires 4 hours of work.
It's important to note that this restoration action affects the entire environment and cannot target specific items (such as a particular project or a resource's planning). Before proceeding, we recommend carefully assessing the needs and consequences of the restoration.