How to manage schedule conflicts in Beeye?

Schedule Conflicts

A schedule conflict occurs when projects or tasks overlap or exceed a resource's work capacity. Here's how Beeye helps you manage these situations:

  1. Do nothing: Sometimes, leaving the conflict as it is is a viable option, especially if the overload is temporary or manageable by the resource.
  2. Move the card in time: Manually adjust the scheduling of a task by moving it to a date where the resource is available.
  3. Reassign the task to another team member: If a resource is overloaded, consider transferring the task to another member who has availability.
  4. Change the planned hours: Adjust the number of hours allocated to a task to reflect a more realistic workload.
  5. Split the card: If a task can be divided into smaller segments, consider splitting it to ease its management and distribution over several days or among team members.
  6. Use automated scheduling: Beeye's automated scheduling feature optimizes task distribution by considering availability and skills, thus reducing conflicts.
To manually manage a conflict, you can move, reassign, change planned hours, or split tasks directly from the schedule using drag-and-drop or quick actions. Beeye's automated scheduling offers an efficient solution to automatically reorganize tasks, ensuring a balanced distribution of workloads without the need for extensive manual intervention.