How to export data from Beeye to formats such as Excel?

Data Export

To export data from Beeye to Excel, it's important to note that access to the Exports page requires specific permissions. A user must have Export permission to use this functionality.

Here's how to perform an export to Excel, considering this prerequisite:
  1. Check Your Access Permissions: Make sure you have Export permission in Beeye. If you don't have this permission, contact your Beeye administrator to obtain the necessary rights.
  2. Access the Exports Page: Once granted permissions, navigate to the Export page in the main menu of Beeye.
  3. Select the Data to Export: Choose the type of data you want to export (Clients, Projects, Tasks, Time, etc.).
  4. Configure Your Export: Customize the columns and filters according to your needs to export exactly the required data.
  5. Initiate the Export: Click on the export button to generate your Excel file.
  6. Download the File: The generated Excel file will be available for download from the Notification icon. You can then open and use it as needed.