How to enter expenses associated with a project in Beeye?

Entering Expenses for a Project

In Beeye, you have several options for entering expenses associated with a project, allowing for precise and centralized financial management of your projects. Here's how to do it:

  1. From the Time Sheet
    • Click on Time & Expenses
    • Click on Add in the Expenses section
    • Select the project you wish to associate this expense with. You will have the option to enter the amount, a description, and add supporting documents if necessary.
  2. From the Expenses Section of the Project Page
    • Open the project for which you want to add expenses
    • Click on Expenses in the left menu
    • Click on Add Expense
    • Fill in the details of the expense, including the amount, a description, and any supporting document.


  • To use the first option, no specific access rights are needed other than being able to access your time sheet.
  • For the second option, from the project form, you need to have access rights Hourly Rates Display and Project Management to be able to add or modify expenses directly on the project form.

These methods offer flexibility in how to manage expenses related to projects, allowing users to choose the approach that best fits their work processes.