How to assign or reassign tasks to different resources in Beeye?

Task Assignment

In Beeye, assigning and reassigning tasks to different resources can be done manually or automatically, offering flexibility and efficiency in activity management. Here's how to do it in each case:

In Manual Mode

  1.  From the Tasks Page:
    • Use filters to identify the tasks in question.
    • Select the tasks to assign or reassign by checking their boxes.
    • Click on the Edit button in the action bar, choose the Responsible option, and select the new resource responsible.
  2. From the Project Sheet:
    • Go to the Tasks tab of the concerned project.
    • You can quickly change the person in charge of each task using the options available next to each task.

In Automatic Mode

  • When creating projects from templates, task responsibilities can be automatically assigned through predefined settings in the Team section of the template tasks. You can define the person in charge based on specific criteria (for example, the person in charge of other tasks or in reference to specific fields of the project or client).

Key Points to Remember

  • Flexibility: Beeye offers great flexibility in managing task responsibilities, allowing for quick adjustments based on project needs and resource availability.
  • Automation: The template feature simplifies task assignment when launching new projects, ensuring efficient work distribution from the start.
  • Monitoring: After assignment or reassignment, it is important to communicate the changes to the concerned resources and to monitor the progress of tasks to ensure deadlines are met.
This duality of manual and automatic options makes Beeye particularly suited to dynamic project management, facilitating the alignment of resources with constantly evolving needs.