How to archive a completed project and is it possible to unarchive it if needed?

Archiving and Unarchiving Projects

Beeye offers you great flexibility to efficiently manage the lifecycle of your projects, including archiving completed projects and the possibility of reactivating them if necessary. Here's how to do it:
  • From the Projects Page: To simultaneously archive one or multiple projects, select them from the list, then click on the Archive button available in the toolbar. This action removes them from the active view while preserving their history and associated data for future reference. If you wish to reverse the operation, the Unarchive button will be available to reintegrate the projects into your active view.
  • From the Project Page: To archive a specific project, open its detailed page. Click on the button with three small dots next to the project title to access possible actions, then select Archive to remove it from the active view. If the project is already archived and you wish to unarchive it, the Unarchive button will appear in the same menu, allowing you to easily reactivate it.


When you decide to close a project, a panel will appear offering you to finalize any remaining tasks and delete those that are no longer needed. This step is crucial to keep your management data up-to-date and ensure its reliability.