How to adjust visibility and permissions on the schedule in Beeye?

Access Rights to the Schedule

In Beeye, managing visibility and permissions on the schedule is designed to offer maximum flexibility while ensuring control and data security. Here's how you can adjust these settings:

  • Specific Access Rights: Beeye offers different levels of access rights for the schedule, ranging from simple viewing (View) to more extensive permissions including editing, creating, and deleting tasks. Additionally, it's possible to grant rights for automated scheduling, thus providing detailed control over who can do what.
  • View System: The view system in Beeye allows you to create custom views to define which projects and which resources are visible to each user. With Me, Team, and Company views, you can easily set the level of detail and scope of information accessible to each member of your organization.
  • Lock System: To prevent unwanted changes in the schedule, even by users with editing rights, Beeye includes a lock system. This feature allows you to lock certain cards or parts of the schedule, ensuring that changes can only be made by authorized users.
These tools together allow for fine customization of visibility and permissions within the Beeye schedule, guaranteeing both the flexibility needed for daily management and the security required for data protection.