How to adjust display settings for different views in Beeye?

Custom Views

In Beeye, you have the ability to fully customize the display settings for each view by adjusting filters, groups, sorts, and periods according to your specific needs. When you make changes to a view, an orange banner appears offering you to save these changes, thus ensuring that your workspace remains organized and relevant according to your current preferences.

For even more personalized and intuitive navigation, Beeye allows you to clone and rename your views. This feature facilitates quick access to crucial information and enhances your efficiency by allowing you to switch from one view to another effortlessly. Whether you want to keep track of overdue tasks, monitor the progress of a specific project, or simply organize your workspace more logically, Beeye's customization options make it possible.

To make the most of these customization options, feel free to consult our detailed user guide on managing views.