How does the time sheet approval process work in Beeye?

Time Sheet Approval

The process of approving time sheets in Beeye is crucial for ensuring accurate management of resource work time. Here are some important details to know:

Prerequisites: To participate in the time sheet approval process, users must have the Time Sheet Validation access right enabled.

  • Archiving Time Sheets: Once a time sheet is submitted or approved, it is archived and can no longer be modified by the user. This ensures the integrity and reliability of the entered data.
  • Cancelling Submission: If a user needs to make corrections to their submitted time sheet, they have the option to cancel the submission as long as the sheet has not been approved by a manager. This feature allows resources to correct any mistakes or omissions before final approval.
  • Adjustment Process: After cancelling the submission, the user can adjust their time entries according to the necessary corrections and resubmit their time sheet for reevaluation.
  • Manager's Role: The manager or project manager responsible for approval plays a key role in this process. They must ensure the accuracy of the information before approving the time sheet, ensuring that all necessary corrections have been made.
  • Confirmation and Archiving: Once the time sheet is approved, the resource receives a confirmation of approval on it, and the data is permanently archived, contributing to accurate project tracking and efficient resource management.
These steps highlight the importance of accuracy and responsiveness in the time entry and approval process in Beeye, enabling organizations to maintain effective work time management and optimize project planning.