How can we add comments to the schedule?

Adding Comments

To add comments directly to the schedule on Beeye, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Task: In the schedule, click on the task card to which you want to add a comment. This will open the task detail panel on the right side of the screen.
  2. Adding Comments: In the task detail panel, look for the section dedicated to comments. You will generally find a field or a button for adding a new comment.
  3. Enter the Comment: Type your comment in the designated field. You can include useful information, updates on the task's progress, or any other note relevant to the team.
  4. Save: After entering your comment, click the save button to add it to the task. The comment will now be visible to all users who have access to this task in the schedule.
  5. Viewing Comments: Comments added can be viewed by team members by clicking on the concerned task card. This allows for efficient communication and real-time tracking of observations or changes made to tasks.

Important Information

The comment you add is associated with the task and will be visible on all platform pages where this task is mentioned, as well as on all scheduled cards of this task in the schedule. This feature ensures that important information remains accessible and visible to the team, regardless of the Beeye section you are using, thus promoting collaboration and communication within your project.