How can one view the progress on a task assigned to a resource in Beeye?

Tracking Progress on Tasks

In Beeye, tracking the progress made on a task assigned to a resource can be done in several ways, offering a complete view of the current state of each activity. Here's how you can view this progress:
  1. Task Status: Each task in Beeye is associated with a specific status (for example, To Do, In Progress, Completed) that reflects its progress state. By checking the status, you can quickly determine where the task is in its lifecycle.
  2. Completion of Checklists: For tasks that include checklists, progress is also visible through the percentage of checklist completion. This is an effective way to track detailed advancements and ensure that all necessary sub-tasks are completed.
  3. Analysis of Time Budget: Another method involves examining the consumption of the time budget allocated to the task. By comparing the planned number of hours (budget) to the actual hours entered, you can assess if the task is underway and estimate its proximity to completion.
  4. Planning View: Beeye's planning page offers a graphical visualization of task progress. Planning cards reflect the status and assignment period, allowing for a quick assessment of both overall and individual task progress.

Important Points to Consider

  • Regular Updates: It is crucial that team members regularly update the status of tasks and enter their worked hours to ensure an accurate visualization of progress.
  • Communication: In case of doubts or the need for clarification on the progress of a task, direct communication with the assigned resource is always recommended to obtain up-to-date information.
By combining these methods, Beeye provides a comprehensive platform for effectively tracking task progress, helping teams stay organized and ensuring the success of their projects.