Does Beeye offer the ability to customize the content displayed on the cards on the Planning page?

Customization of Planning Cards

Yes, Beeye allows users to deeply customize the content displayed on the cards on the Planning page. Here are the steps to customize your cards:

  1. Access to Customization: Go to the Schedule page and click on the Cards button, located next to the Filter, Group, and Sort buttons. This button opens the card customization panel.
  2. Card Preview: A preview in the customization panel shows you what your card will look like in real-time, allowing you to see the changes as they are applied.
  3. Layout of Information: You have the option to adjust the layout of information on the card, choosing between a vertical or horizontal display according to what best suits your need.
  4. Choice of Content: Select the information to display on each card among all the fields available in Beeye, including custom fields related to Clients, Projects, Tasks. This flexibility allows you to focus the display on the most critical elements for your daily management.
  5. Choice of Color: Determine which field will influence the color of the card, offering an instant visualization of the task status, workplace, client, etc., thus facilitating the quick spotting of cards according to defined criteria.
  6. Save in a View: After configuring the content and appearance of the cards according to your preferences, save these settings in a custom view. This allows you to easily switch between different configurations according to your current needs.
This card customization feature enriches the planning experience by providing users with an immediate and relevant overview of essential information, thus contributing to a more effective and intuitive management of the schedule."