Change Log

Summary of updates and enhancements made to Beeye Quasar

March 2024

Improvements and fixes

  • Multiple Budgets Per Task (learn more) : Beeye enhances its budget management functionality by now allowing the division of each task's budget into multiple budgets that can be assigned to different resources.
  • Availability in the Planning Page : Directly read the number of hours available for the period on the planning page.
  • Customization of Date Format : Adjust the date format to your geographic preferences.
  • Description Column : Find the description of your tasks directly on the Tasks page.

February 2024

Improvements and fixes

  • Holiday Management (learn more): Create a calendar of automatically imported holidays, manage availability more accurately, and plan without errors.
  • AND / OR Filters: Create more powerful views using filter groups.
  • Projects: Quickly perform all the desired actions on your projects from the project page.
  • Projects: Interface simplification in displaying task details.
  • Planning: Filter information from custom Project and Client fields.
  • Tasks: New confirmation message when deleting scheduled times on tasks.

January 2024

Improvements and fixes

  • Checklist: Track the progress of all your checklists with a new column on the Tasks page.
  • Tasks: Rename, copy, or delete tasks with quick actions when hovering over the mouse in the project page.
  • Dynamic Names: Incorporate custom client fields and model names into the project name.
  • Planning: Display up to a year of data in all your views.
  • Planning: Mass edit planned hours on selected cards thanks to a new quick action button.
  • Tasks: Perform quick actions on your tasks using our new toolbar.
  • Projects: Quickly identify rolled-forward project with new filters, fields, and "Previous Project" and "Next Project" columns.
  • Projects: View the total planned time on a project in the summary table of the Information section of the project page to compare it to the budget.
  • Clients: View and edit the company number in the right-hand Client panel.
  • Navigation: Easily open Beeye pages in separate tabs and identify them by their name.


  • IRIS Practice Engine : Connect Beeye with IRIS Practice Engine to automate the creation of clients, projects, tasks, & resourcesc.