Change log

Summary of updates and improvements made to Beeye

January 26, 2023

Improvements and corrections

  • Improvement of the automated planning to take into account the specific availability of each collaborator
  • Added the ability to filter on "known" or "unknown" values in the Tasks, Missions, Clients and Collaborators pages
  • Visual improvements on the interaction of the buttons
  • Modification of the functioning of default pages in Beeye Classic

January 12th 2023

Improvements and corrections

  • Addition of the column "Planned future" on the Tasks page
  • Added sorting on columns representing aggregated values (sums of planned, actual times, etc.).
  • Added "Activities" filter on the Tasks page, allowing to filter tasks according to their definition in their original template
  • Added an option on several filters to filter on known or unknown values
  • Added an option on several filters to select or exclude several values in a drop-down list
  • Fixed an error related to the quick search

December 15, 2022

Improvements and corrections

  • Added a new access right Scheduling > "Create, Modify, Delete, Automatically schedule" allowing to limit the access to the automatic scheduling feature.
  • Added an automatic scheduling feature on the Tasks page
  • Added a scheduling feature to manage overdue tasks

November 14, 2022

Improvements and fixes

  • Added a custom currency setting in the Settings > Company page
  • Improved the accessibility of the interface of the Templates page (more readable buttons)
  • Added the management of the Me/Team/Company view in the right panel Collaborator
  • Improved readability of suggested times in the Time & Expenses page
  • Automatic opening of missions to display tasks in the Time & Expenses page
  • Add a link on the task name in the Time & Expenses > Entry page
  • Add a link on the name of the collaborators in the Time & Expenses > Validation page

October 14th 2022

Improvements and corrections

  • Add a button to add collaborators in mass on the Missions page
  • Add a button to assign models on the Missions page
  • Added a button to send passwords in bulk on the Collaborators page
  • Performance improvements on the Planning page
  • Correction of the week view on the Planning page to start on Monday and not on Sunday
  • Correction of translations on the Missions, Clients, Tasks and Collaborators pages
  • Fixed an error related to the deletion of custom fields
  • Fixed an error related to the display of deleted collaborators

October 7th 2022

Improvements and corrections

  • Correction of some column names on the pages Clients, Missions and Tasks
  • Correction of an error related to the reset of passwords
  • Correction of an error related to the display of views on the Planning page

September 30th 2022

Improvements and corrections

  • Display of planned times in the timesheet
  • Clarification of several error messages
  • Performance improvements on user side and API side
  • Correction of the link sent with the notification of the submission of a timesheet
  • Fixed several errors related to the display, saving and sharing of views on different pages
  • Correction of colors on the mission sheet
  • Correction of the link when clicking on the Beeye logo

September 23, 2022

Improvements and corrections

  • Visual improvement of the active maps on the Planning page
  • Improvement of the colors in the main navigation bar, the mission sheet for a better readability
  • Improved accessibility of drop-down menus in the main navigation bar
  • Improvement and translation of error messages
  • Performance improvements
  • Correction in the calculation of totals on the Timesheet page
  • Correction of the management of scenario deadlines on the Templates page
  • Correction of the display of date reset buttons in the right panels
  • Correction of the display of wrong dates (01/01/0001)
  • Correction of errors caused when consulting and deleting scenarios on the Templates page
  • Correction of empty columns in exports
  • Correction of an error caused when deleting, displaying or sharing views on management pages
  • Correction of the page displayed by default when clicking on the logo of the navigation bar
  • Correction of the hyperlink included in the emails sent after submitting a timesheet or when creating a user account