Can we view the schedule of multiple teams or projects simultaneously in Beeye?

Multiple-Team, Multiple-Project Scheduling

Yes, Beeye allows for the simultaneous viewing of the schedule for multiple teams or projects, provided you have the necessary access rights. Here's how to use this feature:

  1. Creating Custom Views: Use the custom views feature to set up displays that include the projects or teams of your choice. For example, create a view that shows all the projects you are responsible for or group resources by office.
  2. Using Filters: The advanced filters available on the planning page offer the possibility to select and display relevant data according to your needs. Apply filters based on availability, position, team, skills, project name, project category, status, manager, and more, to obtain a tailor-made view of activity within your organization.
  3. Grouping and Sorting: Further customize your view by grouping and sorting information according to specific criteria such as availability or position. This approach helps you better visualize task distribution and workload, thus facilitating resource management.
Thanks to these tools, managers and project leaders can easily get an overall view of the activity of different teams or projects. This level of organization and visibility supports effective decision-making and helps optimize resource allocation within the company.