Can we manage the skills and interests of resources?

Skills and Interests Management

In Beeye, managing the skills and interests of resources is simplified and customizable. Here's how it works:

Setting Standard Skills and Interests

  • Navigate to the Team section in the 'Company Settings' to define standard skills, certifications, languages spoken, interests, etc., relevant to your organization.
  • For each skill or interest, you can set expected values. For example, for the skill Spanish, you might have options like Yes or No to indicate if someone speaks Spanish. Similarly, for Project Management, you could choose levels like Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Expert to classify expertise.

Individual Skills Evaluation

  • Once the company's standard skills are defined, each team member can self-assess or be assessed by others to document their specific skills and interests.
  • These skills and interests are then used to create custom views within Beeye, helping to identify the right people to collaborate with a client or perform a specific task.


To simplify updating the team's skills and interests, Beeye allows the importation of this information directly via an Excel file.

This feature is particularly useful for large teams or during massive updates, saving significant time and ensuring efficient skills management within the organization.

To access this option, navigate to the Imports page.

This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of capabilities within your team, facilitating optimal task assignment and promoting a collaborative environment tailored to the unique strengths and interests of your workforce.