Can time limits or alerts be set to prevent workload overload in Beeye?

Entry and Scheduling Block to Prevent Overloads

Currently, Beeye does not offer a feature to set time limits or automatic alerts to prevent workload overload. However, the platform provides visual indicators to help managers and resources identify potential overloads.

These indicators, such as colors on the schedule page (green for a normal load, red for overload), provide an immediate visualization of workload levels, allowing managers to make informed decisions to adjust task allocations if necessary.

Although Beeye does not automatically block overburdened days to maintain a certain level of flexibility, it is recommended to proactively use these indicators to manage workload and avoid burnout situations. Managers can, for example, redistribute tasks, adjust priorities, or discuss with resources to find suitable solutions.

The Beeye team is aware of the importance of efficiently managing workload and remains open to user feedback to potentially incorporate more advanced features for managing alerts or time limits in the future.