Can time be logged or scheduled on taks during the weekend with Beeye?

Logging Time on the Weekend

Yes, Beeye allows for the entry of time and planning of activities during the weekend, provided this feature is activated in the company settings. Here's how it works:

  1. Activating Weekends: An administrator with "Company Settings" access must activate weekends in the settings to allow scheduling and time entry during these days. This option makes Saturdays and Sundays available for scheduling and time entry, just like weekdays.
  2. Access Rights: Once weekends are activated, specific access rights determine who can schedule and enter time during the weekend. Make sure you have the necessary rights to perform these actions.
  3. Scheduling and Time Entry: If you have the appropriate rights and weekends are activated, you can add tasks and enter time directly for Saturdays and Sundays, in the same way as for other days.

Important Note

Although the feature is available, the use of weekends for scheduling and time entry depends on the internal policies of each company. It is recommended to follow the guidelines established by your organization regarding work outside of normal office hours.