Can one set up automatic project renewal in Beeye? Is it possible to renew a project based on the data from the previous year?

Automatic Project Renewal

Yes, Beeye offers a functionality for project renewal. This is particularly beneficial for recurring projects, like annual audits or periodic follow-ups.

Here are the key steps to renew a project in Beeye:
  1. Access the Project: Go to the Projects page and select the one you wish to renew for the following year.
  2. Use the Renewal Option: Activate this option via the Renew button available in the quick actions bar.
  3. Configure the New Project: All the essential information from the original project will be proposed by default. You will then have the opportunity to adjust this information based on new needs. You can choose to renew the previous year's planning as is or use Beeye's artificial intelligence to adapt the planning to the availabilities of the new period.
This approach ensures that you can maintain the continuity of projects while adapting each aspect to the specific requirements of the new period. It allows for a smooth transition from one year to the next, while offering the necessary flexibility to respond to changes and client expectations.