Are there dedicated reports for tracking time and expenses in Beeye?

Time Tracking Reports

Yes, Beeye offers various reports and tracking tools for time and expenses, allowing for efficient management of projects and resources. Here are the main features available:

  1. Reports in the Project Page: The Information section of each project page provides a detailed overview of the time spent. You will find key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, and tables showing time consumption by person or by task, compared to the initial budget, in hours or in cost value.
  2. Customizable Reports: On the Projects and "Tasks pages, you can create custom reports that display budgeted, planned, and actual hours for each project over your chosen period. This allows you to have an overview of performance and the efficiency of time and resource management across all your projects.
  3. Data Export: For further analysis or external use of data, Beeye allows exporting these reports in Excel format. This makes it easier to share information with stakeholders and integrate with other management or accounting tools.

Tip for Using Reports

To make the most of Beeye's reports, take the time to customize views according to your specific needs for tracking time and expenses. By adjusting filters and columns, you can focus the analysis on the most critical aspects of your project management, thus improving decision-making and operational efficiency.