What types of task reports are available in Beeye to track progress?

Task Reports

To track the progress of tasks in Beeye, there are several options tailored to different tracking and analysis needs:

  1. Tasks Section in the Project Page: Go to the Tasks section of each project page for a detailed overview of associated tasks. You will be able to see the status (to do, in progress, completed) and the due date of each task, making it easy to identify overdue, ongoing, or already completed tasks. This is an effective way to track progress specific to each project.
  2. Progress Column in the Projects Page: On the Projects page, you have the option to add a Progress column. This feature allows you to get an overall view of the progress for your entire project portfolio, by showing the ratio of tasks completed to the total number of tasks to do. This is an excellent way to quickly measure the overall progress of multiple projects at the same time.
  3. Creation of Views in the Tasks Page: The Tasks page offers great flexibility through the ability to create custom views. By using grouping, sorting, and filtering features, you can organize tasks by their status, due date, or any other relevant criterion. This allows for tracking the progress of tasks by client, project, team, or resource, tailoring the view to your specific tracking needs.

These options provide flexibility and adaptability for tracking task progress, ensuring that you can obtain the necessary information to effectively manage your projects and teams.