What is the recommended method for entering time efficiently in Beeye?

Time Entry

The recommended method for efficiently entering time in Beeye relies on two main practices:

  1. Keeping the Schedule Updated: Make sure to update your schedule every week. This will give you a clear overview of your activities and simplify the time entry process by directly importing hours from the schedule. This approach ensures that the entered time matches exactly with the scheduled tasks, thus improving the accuracy of time data.
  2. Using the Add Time Shortcut: Beeye offers an Add Time shortcut accessible from the top navigation bar. This shortcut provides a quick and convenient way to enter time as you go, without having to navigate away from your current work screen. It's an ideal option for one-time entries or last-minute adjustments.
By combining these two methods, you can optimize your time management in Beeye, ensuring quick, accurate, and effortless recording of your work hours. This also contributes to better resource planning and a more accurate analysis of project productivity and profitability.