What is the most efficient method to find where a project is scheduled in Beeye?

Quickly Find A Project in Your Schedule

To quickly find where a project is on your schedule of a project in Beeye, you have several effective methods at your disposal:

  1. Quick Search: Use the quick search function located at the top right of the Beeye interface. Type the name of the project and select it from the results. A shortcut will allow you to directly access the planning of the concerned project, offering a fast and intuitive way to visualize its schedule.
  2. From the Project Page: Each project in Beeye has its own detailed form, accessible from the Projects page. On this form, you will find a shortcut or a specific button that will redirect you directly to the project's schedule. This provides an overview of the allocations and tasks assigned to that specific project.
  3. Filtering and Grouping in the Schedule: Within the Planning page, you can organize the display by grouping information by project and applying a filter to isolate the project of interest. This method is particularly useful if you want to compare the planning of multiple projects or if you need to visualize the distribution of tasks within a given project.
These different methods offer you flexibility to quickly access the desired information on project planning in Beeye, allowing you to manage time and resources allocated to each project more efficiently.