What is the difference between the Planning, Tasks, Projects, and Clients pages?

Planning, Tasks, Projects and Clients Pages

In Beeye, each page has a specific purpose to help you manage your work efficiently:

  • Planning: This page is your command center for resource management and activity planning. It provides you with an overview of who is doing what, who is available or overloaded, and allows for the management of employee allocation over different time scales, from week to year. It is the ideal tool for optimizing workload and task distribution.
  • Tasks: Here, tracking the progress of activities is simplified. You can update the status of tasks, make mass changes (change the responsible person, deadline, etc.), and use the views system to filter tasks by status (overdue, to do this week, high priority, etc.). It is a powerful tool to stay on track with short-term and long-term goals.
  • Projects: The Projects page gives you a comprehensive view of ongoing projects, from their initiation to closure. It facilitates rolling projects forward, tracking profitability, and managing time spent. It's your dashboard for effective project management and informed decision-making.
  • Clients: Manage your client relationships efficiently with this page. Record and consult client information, follow associated projects, and manage all significant interactions for a personalized and effective client approach.
Each page adds a specific dimension to the management of your operations in Beeye, making the coordination of your projects, tasks, and client relationships both intuitive and effective."