What do the different colors used in the Beeye schedule mean, and can these colors be customized?

Meaning of Colors in the Schedule

The Beeye schedule uses colors to provide precise visual indications about various essential elements such as workload, scheduling conflict, task status, and resource availability.

Here's how these colors are used and how you can customize them:

Workload on Days

  • Green: Indicates that the resource is scheduled at 100% of their daily capacity, signaling an optimal allocation of resources.
  • Red: Signals a workload overload, where the resource is scheduled beyond their normal capacity, requiring attention to adjust the workload.
  • Gray: Represents a day with 0 availability, like during weekends or public holidays, indicating that the resource is not expected to work that day.

Indicators Next to Resource Names

Show the total planned hours versus available hours for the displayed period, as well as the number of conflict days. These indicators turn red when scheduling exceeds the total availability, helping to quickly identify needs for adjustment.

Colors on Cards

The schedule cards can be colored based on various criteria such as workplace, task status, client, or project type. This variety of colors aids in quick and efficient identification of relevant information.

Color Customization

  • For Days: The colors representing capacity and overload (green and red) are predefined and cannot be modified by the user. However, the availability of each resource can be adjusted on the Resources page to accurately reflect actual working times.
  • For Cards: Users have the option to customize the colors of the cards through the settings of their schedule view, thus improving clarity and visualization efficiency according to the specific needs of the organization.

The ability to customize colors in the Beeye schedule significantly enhances the user experience, offering an intuitive and tailored visualization of key information. This feature plays a crucial role in the optimized management of resources and in the efficient planning of tasks and projects within the organization.