Is it possible to set time and expense budgets for each project or task in Beeye?

Time and Expense Budgets

Yes, Beeye allows setting time budgets for each task within a project, enabling detailed management of the workload and necessary resources. Here's how to do it:

  1. Setting Time Budgets: Directly from the project form in the tasks section, you can assign time budgets for each task, for one or more people. This allows for accurately planning the estimated time needed for completing each activity.
  2. Tracking and Comparison: These time budgets serve as a reference for comparing the planned time, the actual time consumed, and the landing (sum of actual and future planned), thus providing a clear view of the task progress compared to the initial estimates.
However, it's important to note that for expenses, Beeye currently does not allow setting specific budgets. Expenses can be entered and associated with projects or tasks but without a pre-established budget for these items. Users must therefore manage and track expenses independently, relying on overall budget allocations or other financial management tools outside of Beeye.