Is it possible to set priorities for tasks in Beeye to guide the order of execution?

Task Priority Management

Yes, Beeye allows setting priorities for tasks to guide the order of execution and ensure efficient workflow management. Here’s how you can prioritize tasks in Beeye:

  1. Using the Due Date: Tasks can be prioritized based on their due date. A task nearing its due date can be considered a priority, prompting its completion within the allotted time.
  2. Custom Fields: It is possible to create a custom list-type field for tasks named Priority with values such as High, Medium, Low. This field allows for the creation of custom views, mass edits, filtering, and the management of priorities in a visual and organized manner.
  3. Custom Statuses: Using custom statuses can also help manage priorities. By defining statuses such as To Do, In Progress, Urgent, the team can quickly identify tasks that require immediate attention. This system promotes better resource allocation and more accurate tracking of project progress.
Combining these methods offers flexibility in priority management and allows the team to stay focused on the most critical tasks. By regularly adjusting priorities based on project evolution and deadlines, Beeye helps optimize productivity and ensure deadlines are met.