Is it possible to schedule tasks on Saturday and Sunday in Beeye, and if so, how?

Weekend Scheduling

Yes, it is possible to schedule activities during the weekend in Beeye. However, this feature requires prior configuration by an administrator with access to the company settings. Here's how to do it:

  1. Activating Weekends: An administrator must go to Settings > Company to activate the option named Log actual and scheduled time on week-ends.
  2. Specific Access Rights: Once weekends are activated, specific access rights must be assigned to determine who can schedule and log times during these days. Make sure you have the necessary permissions.
  3. Manual Scheduling: With the appropriate rights, you can add activities during the weekend in the same way as on weekdays, by manually placing cards on the schedule.


Note that, even if weekends are activated, Beeye's automated scheduling feature will not schedule activities during these days. Any weekend scheduling must be done manually. This measure is designed to respect the convention of not automatically assigning work on traditionally non-working days, while offering the flexibility to schedule these days if necessary.