How to synchronize the Beeye schedule with external calendars like Google Calendar or Outlook?

Google Calendar and Outlook Integrations

Currently, Beeye does not offer direct synchronization with external calendars such as Google Calendar or Outlook. However, this feature is being considered for our future updates to facilitate the integration of Beeye into our users' daily work ecosystem.

For now, to integrate Beeye scheduling information with external calendars, users can use the exports available in Beeye (in Excel format, for example) and manually import this data into their external calendar. Although this method requires an additional step, it allows users to keep track of events and tasks scheduled in Beeye on their personal or professional calendars.

We understand the importance of such a feature for our clients and are actively working to develop more direct and automatic integrated solutions for future versions of Beeye. Stay tuned for upcoming update announcements from our platform.