How to set the hiring and contract end dates of resources for effective planning?

Setting Collaboration Dates

To set the hiring and contract end dates for resources in Beeye, follow these steps:
  1. Access the Resources Page: Start by navigating the Resources page. This page lists all the members of your team and allows you to manage their personal and professional information.
  2. Select the Resource: Look for the resource whose hiring and contract end dates you wish to define or modify. Then click on their name to open their profile.
  3. Edit the Information: A right-hand panel opens, giving you access to the resource's detailed information. Here, you can easily modify the hiring date and the contract end date by selecting the appropriate fields.


When setting or modifying these dates, keep in mind that Beeye uses this information to manage the resource's availability. Practically, this means you will not be able to schedule tasks or enter time for this resource outside the period defined by their hiring date and contract end date. This ensures that planning and time entry are always in accord with the actual availability of resources.

This feature helps managers to plan projects and tasks more accurately by considering the actual availability of resources and facilitates the management of personnel transitions within the organization.