How to set custom availability for each resource in Beeye?

Custom Availability by Resource

In Beeye, you can customize the availability of each resource to reflect varied work schedules or periods of high seasonality. Here's how you can set up these custom availabilities:

  1. Setting Up the Company's Work Week: Initially, define the standard work week of the company in the settings of the Beeye environment. This setup will serve as the default availability reference for all resources.
  2. Customizing the Work Week per Resource: To adjust a resource's work week, go to the Resource page. Then select the person or people concerned by clicking on the checkbox next to their name.
  3. Modifying the Work Week: Use the Work Week button located in the Quick Action bar. A panel will open, allowing you to customize the work week for the defined period. For example, you can set up a 40-hour availability per week from January 1 to June 30, and then adjust so that the person does not work on Fridays from July 1 to December 31.


Changes made to a resource's work week will directly affect their availability for planning and time entry in Beeye.