How to manage virtual resources in Beeye for flexible planning?

Managing Virtual Resources

What is a virtual resource?

In Beeye, a virtual resource is a fictional user, not attached to any physical person in your company.

Good to know

A virtual resource is not linked to a paid license. There is no limit to creating them.

What are virtual resources used for?

By creating a virtual resource, you can assign the same parameters as for a physical person such as their bill and cost rates, the number of working hours per day, position, department, the "view" available in Beeye (i.e., access to certain data).

Virtual resources, therefore, allow you to simulate vacant positions and analyze your recruitment needs to help prioritize hiring.

Can I schedule time for virtual resources?

Yes. Virtual resources possess the same attributes as a real user, so you can assign them tasks and schedule their time.

Virtual resources allow you to establish your long-term planning when you do not yet know who will work on a specific task.

Good to know

Virtual resources cannot log in to Beeye and are not available in timesheets (to enter time on their behalf, for example).

Can I convert a virtual resource into a paid one?

Yes. To do this, change the status of the resource by removing the "virtual resource" option. It will then be possible to link it to one of your license plans (monthly or annual).

Can I convert a paid resource into a virtual one to continue planning for it but transfer its license to someone else?


For technical reasons, transforming a real resource into a virtual one will irreversibly delete all the timesheet data of that user.

We do not recommend this manipulation, but it is possible to switch a paid resource to virtual. Their license will then be available to be linked to a new user.