How to delete a user in Beeye and what are the consequences?

User Deletion

To delete a user in Beeye, you must have Resource Management permission.

Here are the general steps and consequences of deleting a user:

  1. Go to the Resources page.
  2. Search for the resource you want to delete and click on the checkbox to the left of the person's name to select them.
  3. Click on the delete button. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm your choice.
  4. Confirm by clicking on the Delete button.


To preserve the integrity of historical data, if you delete employees who have entered hours in their timesheets, they will be archived but not deleted. You can reactivate their accounts at any time. If you wish to permanently delete them, please delete their time entries first.

Notice that the deleted employee is still present but marked in red if they have entered hours.

Consequences of Deletion:

  • Access Removed: The user will no longer be able to log into Beeye or access any data or functionality.
  • License Available: The license used by the user will be freed up and can be assigned to another resource.
  • Planning and Tasks: Deleting a user may impact the planning and tasks that were assigned to them. It is advised to reassign their tasks to other team members before proceeding with the deletion.