How are holidays and leave managed in time entry in Beeye?

Holidays in the Time Sheet

In Beeye, public holidays are treated similarly to weekends, meaning as days with availability set to 0, indicating that employees are not normally expected to work. However, the platform is designed to offer flexibility, allowing for the entry of work time even during these periods considered as non-working.

This flexibility is crucial to accommodate cases where a resource must exceptionally work on a public holiday, thus ensuring an accurate capture of worked time. To enter time during these days, the user can simply access their time sheet and enter the hours worked, in the same manner as they would for any other working day.

It is important to emphasize that although Beeye allows for time entry on public holidays, it is up to each company to determine its own rules and policies regarding work on public holidays, leave, and weekends, and to decide how these hours should be treated or compensated.

Regarding leave, it's possible to set up a project to allow users to categorize and enter their leave time, thereby facilitating the tracking of budgets allocated to different categories of absence.