Does Beeye offer the ability to duplicate a project, and if so, how does one proceed?

Project Duplication

Yes, Beeye offers a feature that resembles project duplication, primarily through its ability to renew a project for a new period. Here's how it works:

Project Renewal: While Beeye does not allow for an identical duplication of a project with the same dates, it does offer the option to renew a project for the following year. This feature is particularly useful for recurring projects, such as annual audits or periodic follow-ups, allowing the project structure to be retained while updating the intervention periods, budgets, team, etc.

How to Proceed:

  1. Access the Project: Go to the Projects page and select the project or projects you wish to renew for the following year.
  2. Use the Renewal Option: Click on the Renew button that appears in the quick actions bar.
  3. Configure the New Project: During the renewal, all the essential information from the original project will be retained, but you can adjust it according to needs. You will have the option to set the renewal mode, select the information to renew, and most importantly, choose whether to copy the previous year's planning as is or use our planning AI to adapt it to the availabilities of the following year.