Does Beeye offer the ability to define dependencies between tasks to structure project workflows?

Task Dependency Management

Beeye provides a flexible feature that allows you to structure your project workflows by establishing dependencies between tasks. This approach is particularly useful for aligning task deadlines and ensuring a logical and efficient progression of projects.

Here’s how to take advantage of this feature:

Using Templates: When you create tasks using templates in Beeye, you have the opportunity to define dependencies by linking the due dates of tasks to one another. This ensures that the completion of one task is contingent upon the completion of another, thereby promoting a coherent and orderly project management.

Setting Due Dates: To establish these dependencies, go to the due date section when creating or editing a task in a template. You will have the option to specify the delay (in days, weeks, or months) before or after a reference date, which can be linked to a key date of another task, or to important dates associated with the client or project.


When a change is made to the reference date used for task dependencies, Beeye automatically alerts you via a notification panel. This panel will ask if you also want to adjust the due dates of the related tasks accordingly. This ensures that all dependencies remain consistent and reflect the new deadlines determined by the changes made to the reference date.