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Can you train our team on the proper use of Beeye?

Employee Training

Yes, we offer training sessions to ensure that your team fully masters the use of Beeye. Here are our training options:

  1. Standard Training Workshop: This workshop is designed to introduce your team to the key features of Beeye and guide them on the best ways to use the platform. The session is conducted remotely, lasts 1 hour, and includes preparation, workshop facilitation, and feedback.
  2. Advanced Training Workshop: For teams with specific needs or looking to deepen their understanding of Beeye's advanced features, we offer customized workshops. These remote sessions are tailored to your specific needs and require more detailed preparation.
    Each workshop is designed to optimize your team's efficiency with Beeye, covering not only the fundamental aspects of the platform but also addressing use cases specific to your organization.

To schedule a training session or discuss your training needs in more detail, please contact our team.