Can the date format displayed in Beeye be customized?

Customizing the Date Format

In Beeye, customizing the date format is designed to adapt to individual preferences and regional standards, offering maximum flexibility to users. This option is available at the company settings level, allowing for uniformity in line with your organization's practices, as well as for each user, for individual customization.

For Administrators

  • Access the Company Settings via the configuration menu.
  • Select the Customization tab.
  • Here, you will find the option to set the desired date format, applicable to all users of your company.

For Individual Users

  • Each team member can adjust the date format directly from their personal profile.
  • To do this, go to your user profile and look for the date format customization option.
  • Select the format that suits you for a personalized experience within Beeye.

This dual layer of customization ensures that Beeye not only adapts to the overall needs of the organization but also to the personal preferences of each user, thus facilitating the reading and understanding of dates according to local or individual context.