Are there advanced filtering features in the Beeye schedule?

Advanced Filters

Yes, Beeye offers advanced filtering features in the schedule, allowing you to create custom views based on specific criteria. These advanced filters make it easier to view and manage tasks and resources according to your needs. Here are some examples of relevant views you can create using advanced filters:

  • My Schedule: Filter to only show your own tasks, allowing you to focus your attention on your personal workload.
  • Team Schedule: View tasks assigned to the entire team to get an overview of the collective workload.
  • Available / Overloaded People: Filter to identify team members who have availability or those who are overloaded, making it easier to reassign tasks and balance the workload.
  • Projects of a Certain Type: Select specific projects by type or category, allowing you to focus on certain activities or projects.
  • Tasks with Upcoming Due Dates: Filter tasks whose due dates are approaching to prioritize work and prevent delays.
These examples show how advanced filters can be used to adapt the schedule to different visualization and management needs. By creating custom views, you can optimize the organization and planning of your projects and resources in Beeye.