The actions presented in this guide occur on the Organizational Chart tab. To learn more about the Organizational chart, please visit the guide Understand your organizational chart.

Reminder : To display all of your teams, you’ll have to click on Expand all and tick the Display empty checkbox, both of these are located above the Organizational chart.


Delete an account

To delete a user account, start by clicking on the employee’s team to invoke the lateral sidebar on the right of your screen. You should see a list of all the employees pertaining in the specific team you selected.

Then click on the employee’s name you wish to delete to display relevant fields of information as well as additional options at the bottom. Click on the Delete resource button.

Bear in mind : In order to preserve the integrity of historic data, employees who’ve entered their actual hours within a project will be archived but NOT deleted permanently.

Reactivating a deleted account

In certain cases, you may need to reactivate a deleted user account.

To do this, click on the team this employee used to belong to in order to invoke the sidebar on the right of your screen. Then, tick the checkbox that says Show deleted resources. The deleted resource should now appear in red, click on its name to display additional information, scroll to the bottom then click on the Reactivate resource button.

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