The actions presented in this guide occur on the Organizational Chart tab. To learn more about the Organizational chart, please visit the guide Understand your organizational chart.

Reminder : To display all of your teams, you’ll have to click on Expand all and tick the Display empty checkbox, both of these are located above the Organizational chart.

Create an account

To create a new user account, start by clicking on the team you wish to add new employees to. This action invokes the sidebar from the right of your screen. You should see the Create a new resource button under the employee list.

By clicking on it, several fields will be displayed in which you may input data regarding your employee. Once you’ve entered the data, click on the Create a new resource button once more to create the account.

You’ll then see the new account appear in the list of employees that are assigned to the team.

Bear in mind : If your company has recently been created on Beeye, you’ll first need to configure the positions and access rights for your users. To learn more about these features, please visit the Manage your company’s positions and Set up access rights guide.

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