Important: The Organizational Chart tab relies on specific rules that you must learn in order to be able to use it efficiently. To learn more, please read the Understand your chart guide.

You can use the organizational chart to transfer or add new employees to each one of your teams. The following guide details the procedures required to transfer an employee from a team to another or invite a new user.

Add an existing employee to a team

To begin, click on the team you wish to add an employee to. This will open the sidebar which should display all the people that are part of this team.

Click on the employee’s name you wish to transfer to display his or her information. Then, scroll down until you see the Team field, click on it to display the list of teams and select the one in which you wish to transfer your employee to.

Confirm changes by clicking on the Save button.

In the following example, we transfer Julia Morgan from the Design team to the Creation team.

Add a new employee to a team

To begin, click on the team you wish to add new users to in order to open the sidebar. Then, click on the Create a new resource button to begin creating accounts.

You’ll need to indicate the following fields :

  • Employee email
  • Name and surname
  • Position held
  • User authorization

All you need to do from here is click on the Create this resource button to complete the account creation. The employee you just created will then receive an email containing his login information.

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