Important: The Organizational Chart tab relies on specific rules that you must learn in order to be able to use it efficiently. To learn more, please read the Understand your chart guide.

You can customize your company’s structure in Beeye thanks to the organizational chart. The following guide explains how to create new divisions or teams in your organizational chart.

Edit teams

To begin, click on the division you wish to edit in order to expand the sidebar on the right of your screen.

Bear in mind: Editing the name and manager of a team is done according to the actions previously described in the Create a new team section.

You may do the following actions :

  • Edit a team’s name: Click on the name of the team you wish to edit. Once you’ve entered the new name, click on the Save icon or press the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm changes.
  • Edit a team’s manager: Click on the name of the manager you wish to edit. Click once more to open an employee list of all available choices for this position. Select the person you wish to assign as new manager then click on the Save icon to confirm changes.
  • Add new employees: This feature allows you to invite new users which will automatically be added to this division. To learn more, please consult the guide Add users to a team

Bear in mind: To add new employees to an existing division, please consult the Switch an employee’s team guide.

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