Important : The Organizational Chart tab relies on specific rules that you must learn in order to be able to use it efficiently. To learn more, please read the Understand your chart guide.

You can customize your company’s structure in Beeye thanks to the organizational chart. The following guide explains how to create new divisions or teams in your organizational chart.

Create a new team

Important : You can’t create teams under divisions that don’t currently have employees assigned to it. As a reminder, a team manager doesn’t belong to the team he manages but rather to the division directly above his team.

To create a team, click on the + button of the division in which you wish to add a team.

Your new team will be created with a generic name style (e.g. “DirectionX”) and a team manager will be set by default automatically.

This action opens a lateral sidebar on the right of the screen where you can edit all the information about the team.

Click on the name of the team you wish to edit. Then click on the save icon or press the Enter key on your keyboard to save changes.

You can also edit the team manager. Click on the manager’s name in order to start modifying it. Click a second time to open the list of employees that are available for this position. From here, all you need to do is select the person you wish to assign as manager, then click on the Save icon to confirm modifications.

Bear in mind: In the previous example, we can’t create new sub-teams under the Creative team that we just created because it doesn’t contain any employees. The team manager, Eileen Gray, is actually part of the Architecture division.

Specific case : Create an intermediate team

Creating a new subdivision between several divisions in the organizational chart requires a specific procedure comprised of the following steps :

  • Create a new team
  • Edit the name and select a manager. To learn more about this, please consult our guide Edit teams.
  • Assign managers for the subsequent teams in this new division.

In the following example, we wish to create a new intermediate team called Creation Subdivision between the Architecture division and the Creation and Design teams.

We start by creating a new division, then assigning the managers of the Design (Antoni Gaudi) and Creation (Lina Bo Bardi) teams to this new division.

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