The Organizational chart tab is where you will be able to create and manage new teams and accounts for your users. This tab relies on specific rules that you must learn in order to be able to use it efficiently.

The following guide presents the organizational chart as well as the specific rules that apply to this tab. To learn how to manage your organizational chart, please read these guidelines :


Understand the organizational chart

The Organizational chart in Beeye offers a global view on your teams and their respective managers.

You can find the following information :

  • The black text represents your team’s name.
  • The blue text represents the teams’ manager’s name.
  • The + and - symbols at the left of a team’s name enable you to respectively expand or hide subordinate teams.
  • The  + icon on the bottom right is used to create a new team.
  • The Bin icon allows you to delete a team.

The organizational chart menu offers certain standard actions :

  • The first checkbox allows you to reorganize your teams in case they aren’t displaying correctly.
  • The second checkbox, Show empty, allows you to display your teams without the employees.
  • The Expand all and Collapse all buttons allow you to display all the teams in your organizational chart, or on the flip side, to hide them all.


Specific rules of the organizational chart

Team manager status

On Beeye, team managers don’t pertain to the team they’re managing but rather to the one located above on the hierarchy.

e.g. : on the following screenshot, Charles Garnier manages the Design team but is actually part of the Architecture department.

Organization manager status 

The person designated as organization manager on Beeye is part of the highest division in the organizational chart. It is the only person part of this team in particular.

This is a necessary rule in order for the person to be considered as manager of all the subsequent teams.

e.g. : on the following screenshot, Charles-Edouard Jean-Gris is the only person that’s part of the BeeArchitects team (which is the name of the company). He is therefore considered as manager of the General divison.

Choose a manager for a new team

When you create a new team, Beeye will automatically assign a manager by default. The system selects the first person who currently isn’t responsible for any team or division on the employee list pertaining to the division directly above the new team.

Let’s use the following example to illustrate. We want to add a team under the Architecture division. The list of employees belonging to this division are displayed on the right of the screen and sorted by alphabetical order as you can see on the following screenshot.

If we add a new team under Architecture, Auguste Perret will be considered as default manager for this team as showed by the following screenshot.

The system should have considered Antoni Gaudi as manager for this new team since he is the first employee on the list. But since he already manages the Design team, Auguste Perret, the second employee on the list, is selected as manager for the team.

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