Positions in Beeye represent the job titles that you may assign to each user.

The Position Management page enables you to create and edit these titles as well as their billable hourly rates which are assigned by default (in other words, the hourly rate you bill your clients for making use of these employees).

If needed, you may adjust these rates in the Organizational chart tab (e.g : one of your employees has a billable hourly rate that is superior or inferior to other users with the same position) or while creating a project (e.g : you decide to raise a resource’s billable hourly rate in order to increase profits on a specific mandate).

Creating a position

To create a new position, click on the Create a new position button located at the top left of the page.

You can then type the name of your new position directly and, if needed, indicate the billable hourly rate set by default for this position.

Finally, click on the Save icon or press the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm and save your modifications.

Editing a position

This feature allows you to edit the name and/or billable hourly rate set by default for a certain position.

Click on the Pencil icon located at the far right of the board of the position you wish to edit. Input the new name and/or new billable rate set by default for the associated position.

Once you’ve completed your modifications, click on the Save icon or press Enter on your keyboard to save changes.


Deleting a position

To delete a position, all you need to do is click on the Bin icon located at the far right or the board.

Bear in mind: Please note that you can’t delete a position if it is assigned to certain employees. In this case, you will have to change the concerned employee’s job titles before being able to delete the position.

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