The Access rights page allows you to create different profiles for users (and responsibilities) who have access to certain areas of the app.

Types of access available

You can manage the following access rights :

  • Manage roles : grants access to the Access rights tab in the configuration section (tab which this guide is dedicated to).
  • Company configuration : grants access to the General settings page in which you may define your company’s settings.
  • Resources : grants access to the Employees section in which you may add and manage users within your company on Beeye.
  • Hourly rate : allows you to display your employee’s hourly rate on the projects form or in the Organizational chart tab.
  • Timesheets : grants access to the global entry page in the Timesheets section in which you may input hours and submit timesheets.
  • Approve time : allows specific users to validate their team’s employees’ timesheets by accessing the Timesheets validation tab.
  • See reports : grants access to the Reports section concerning the employee, his team or the entire company (customizing these different display configurations can be done in the Employees section).
  • Planning : grants access to the Planning section in which you may plan your employee’s efforts.
  • Integrations : grants access to the Integrations tab in the Configuration section.


Managing roles

Create a new role

In order to create a new role, click on the Create a new role button located at the top left of the page.

You can choose to edit the default name of the newly created role and then save it by clicking on the Save icon located at the far right of the board or by simply pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.

Edit a role’s access rights

This option allows you to add and/or remove certain access rights based on a user’s role. 

For this, all you need to do is check or uncheck the boxes according to the sections you want to allow or restrict access to. These options will then automatically be saved.

Edit an existing role

To edit the name of a role, click on the Pencil icon located at the far right of the board.

Input the new name and click on the Save icon or press the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm changes.

Delete a role

To delete a role and its access rights, click on the Bin icon located at the far right of the board.

A pop up window will appear in your browser prompting you to confirm the action. Click on the OK button to complete the action and permanently delete the role. 

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